Introducing Pinot d’Pig

Hi there, my name is Pinot ‘d’ Pig. Holm Oak’s General Manager.

A pig. For real? Absolutely. Why not? Pigs are highly social creatures, with incredible long-term memories and cognitive complexities. We are smart, damn it. The most underrated creatures of the animal kingdom. Our smarts are only met by our superlative sense of humour – Jerry Seinfeld (if you’re still alive), eat your heart out. My mates’ tummies jiggle and snouts snort when I regale them with my stand-up (or rather bum-down) routine.

Despite my crusty exterior, Holm Oak winery would not be the success it is today without my shrewd business directives and hospitable sensibility. I run the joint. And the joint gives me creative licence to be the incredible pig I was destined to be. Like any good manager, I wander the grounds, keeping a close eye on daily operations in the vineyards and winery with a keen eye (and nose) for detail.

My family tell me I embody the heart and soul of our winery. When I’m awake, my intention is certainly to enrapture Holm Oak’s visitors (check out my Facebook page that features my motivational video, and more). Although I struggle to keep up with Max and Will, Bec and Tim’s robust young fellas, who do their best to keep me fed and happy in my luxurious pigsty.

You wouldn’t know it, but I was supposed to be a miniature pig, but like all incredible feats of nature, I defied the odds, growing to be a full-size team member, and bringing my larger than life personality to the Holm Oak estate. Every good manager, however, has a weakness – toss me a couple of fresh apples (from Holm Oak’s own orchard I’ll have you know), and the worries of general management fade away into oblivion as sleep comes a knockin’.

My other weakness has to be my Fanta orange Datsun 200b – if you ever want a once over, drop me a line on my Facebook page. Happy to parade it in its full splendour with bonnet up and bits on show. It is pristine. Just like the terrain that delivers us the top-notch fruit for Holm Oak’s whiz-bang wines. Do yourself a favour and knock back a few before word gets out we’re the best Tassie wino on the block.


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