Meet The Duffys

Holm Oak is a labour of love for winemaker Bec Duffy and her husband Tim Duffy, viticulturalist. Since 2007 they have followed their dream of crafting delicious expressions of cool-climate Tasmanian wines. 

One of Bec and Tim’s shared passions is to create things. They simply love to craft treasures from Mother Nature’s wonderland. They are creative winemakers, pushing boundaries and trying new techniques, but always remaining true to Tasmania’s highly regarded winemaking reputation.

Bec believes much of Holm Oak’s success can be attributed to Tim’s natural intuition as a viticulturist. “Tim once said to me that just because your kids behave a certain way one year, doesn’t mean they’ll behave the same way the next year, and vines are like that,” Bec explains. “At the end of the day you need to get out in the vineyard, look at how the vines are behaving and respond appropriately. Tim is very good at doing that.”

Their complementary skills drive their vision to produce delicious wines that reflect their home, Tasmania’s pristine Tamar Valley, and their own personalities – honest, down to earth, genuine and authentic.

Rebecca Duffy


Bec is winemaker. With over 20 years experience she is well and truly ensonced in her winery domain. Bec was born on King Island, Tasmania where her parents owned a beef and sheep farm. It was her fathers’ decision to plant a trial plot of vines on their property when she was 14 that planted the seed in her mind that Winemaking would be an interesting career option – fortunately this proved correct! Bec returned to Tasmania in 2006 to take on her own venture at Holm Oak, and over the past 15 years, has continually refined her craft to make outstanding Tasmanian wine.

Tim Duffy


Tim is viticulturist, a third-generational grape grower and an agronomist with extensive viticultural experience. He was born and bred in Nyah, near Swan Hill in Victoria, and his family have a long and successful viticultural history. Following a very brief career as an accountant, Tim realised that growing grapes was in his blood, and he retrained as an agronomist. Tim joined Bec at Holm Oak in 2007 and set about expanding thier 6 Ha vineyard to 15, whilst continuing to grow pristine, high qulaity grapes for Bec.

Pinot d'Pig

General Manager

Like any good manager, Pinot the Pig wanders around keeping a close eye on the daily operations in the vineyards and winery. Pinot was supposed to be a miniature pig, however has grown to be a full-size team member, with a larger than life personality, and a keen eye (and nose) for detail. Every good manager however, has a weakness – if fed a couple of fresh apples, the worries of General Management fade away and Pinot is inclined to sleep on the job!