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Holm Oak Vineyards

Holm Oak crafts delicious, cool-climate Tasmanian wines.

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Beautiful cool climate wines

We invite you to discover the hidden secret of Holm Oak Wines, a Tasmanian winery crafting delicious, small-parcel wines, with James Halliday’s Five Star Winery rating.

Holm Oak is the labour of love of dynamic duo, Bec Duffy and her husband Tim Duffy. Since 2006 they have followed their dream of crafting delicious expressions of cool-climate Tasmanian wines. Bec is the winemaker and Tim is viticulturist. Their complementary skills provide a vision to produce delicious wines that reflect their home, Tasmania’s pristine Tamar Valley, and their own personalities – honest, down to earth, genuine and authentic.

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The nose displays beautiful lime and floral aromatics. Delightfully vibrant and lively palate with minerally acidity and great length.

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Beautiful lifted pear and jasmine aromatics with a powerful palate and complexity as a result of the wild ferment. A lovely crisp natural acidity.

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Our Tamar Valley Cellar Door

Visit Holm Oak’s estate and Tamar Valley Cellar Door and you might bump into General Manager Pinot ‘d’ Pig. Throw him an apple and he’ll wake from sleeping on the job. Then wander into Holm Oak’s rustic cellar door to try its extensive range of wines. They are true expressions of Tasmanian wines that have set the world talking about this unique Tasmanian landscape, providing lightness and balance, with fantastic texture and flavour composition.

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Bec Duffy
11 June 2019 | Bec Duffy

The Importance of Oak in Winemaking

There are certain classic images that spring to mind when people think about the winemaking process – frenetic scenes of vintage, bunches of grapes hanging on the vines, hand picking, even that age-old tradition of foot stomping and plunging the fruit once it hits the winery. Mostly, though, it’s the abiding image of serried ranks of oak barrels, their precious contents slowly undergoing the miraculous process of fermentation and ageing in the winery cellars. Of course, nowadays, particularly in large-scale vinous production, much of this process is mechanised, and the wine held in vast stainless-steel vats. But even then, a great deal of the wine will still have contact with oak in some shape or form. Here, our winemaker Bec Duffy explores why oak still plays such an important role in the winemaking process, and more particularly, how and why we choose what style of oak we use at Holm Oak.

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Bec Duffy
5 June 2019 | Bec Duffy

Slow-Cooked Beef Cheeks in Shiraz

The Duffy family have only recently discovered the joys of slow-cooked beef cheeks. They have the most incredible melt-in-the-mouth texture and make a brilliant winter comfort food, especially when paired with our Shiraz.

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Rebecca Duffy

Rebecca is a qualified winemaker with 10 years of winemaking experience including vintages in McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Napa Valley and Western Australia. She most recently worked at Capel Vale Wines in Western Australia where she was senior winemaker. She is incredibly passionate about winemaking, having done nothing else but focusing on winemaking in her career. She studied winemaking straight out of High School and never looked back!


Tim Duffy

Tim is a third-generational grape grower and an agronomist with extensive viticultural experience. He was born and bred in Nyah, near Swan Hill in Victoria, and his family have a long and successful viticultural history. 

General manager

Pinot 'd' Pig

Like any good manager, Pinot the Pig wanders around keeping a close eye on the daily operations in the vineyards and winery. Pinot was supposed to be a minature pig, however has grown to be a full-size team member, with a larger than life personality, and a keen eye (and nose) for detail. Every good manager however, has a weakness - if fed a couple of fresh apples, the worries of General Management fade away and Pinot is inclined to sleep on the job!