Holm Oak can proudly claim to be the only Tasmanian winery growing and producing Arneis, the grape variety from Piedmont in Northern Italy.

One of Holm Oak’s most popular white wines is the Arneis – have you tried it? It’s a north Italian variety from Piedmont and Holm Oak holds the title of being the ONLY winery growing and producing it in Tasmania. We love crafting a unique wine that offers a different drinking experience compared to all the other well-loved varieties sitting on cellar door shelves in Australia.

Holm Oak’s Arneis vineyard is only 400 vines strong – so we don’t have a huge amount to produce but what we do make is fantastic. Only about 40 wine producers in Australia grow and produce this variety – it’s grown in cool climates, such as the King Valley with its high proportion of Italian families favouring this Italian variety, the Mornington Peninsula and the Adelaide Hills. Arneis thrives particularly well in Tasmania because this thick-skinned variety can stand up to the frost and other fungal diseases that result from our excessive amounts of rain in our very cool climate.

Traditionally wine writers describe Arneis as having peach and almond characteristics, but when it’s grown in our cool-climate Tassie backyard, it displays more zesty citrusy traits, like grapefruit, with floral aromas in a leaner, fruit-driven style.

We’d describe this wine as a cross between Riesling, with its mineral flinty acidity, and Sauvignon Blanc, with its rich texture. It displays a chalky tannin structure and high acidity levels, which makes it an ideal food wine. Team it with fresh seafood, flathead, prawns or creamy pastas and you’ll be coming back for more.

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