1. How long have you worked at Holm Oak Vineyards?

Nearly 6 years.

2. Tell us about your early life.

I’m from Country Victoria, and the child of primary school teachers. I had a rather nomadic life, which in turn made me very sociable. I think it was inevitable that I ended up working in this role, where there is a lot of conversation.

3. What does a typical day involve? What does your role involve?

I’m sure many people wouldn’t call my typical day “work”. I have a real passion for what I do, so I involve myself in as much as possible. From working in the vineyard and assisting Tim, to helping the cellar door run efficiently. Working in the vineyard gives me endless amounts of valuable knowledge to share with visitors when they come to cellar door to taste the wines. At cellar door I’m focusing on Bec’s wines and the techniques she uses to produce her style of wine, and of course sharing my love for their family business.

4. Why did you choose a career in hospitality and wine?

I studied hospitality at high school and loved it, it was a natural progression from there. At Tafe I decided to take on an international wine studies course and fell in love!! Following 27 years working in restaurants, pubs, hotels and resorts I wanted nothing more than to focus solely on wine, so we moved to Tasmania and the rest is history.

5. What do you like most about working at cellar door?

I love that I can talk about wine all day and meet other people who are equally as passionate. To be part of a business that makes an amazing product from the ground up is so rewarding, it’s hard to shut me up sometimes!

6. Tell us about your customers at Holm Oak – have you got any great stories to share?

I think my favourite stories are those of people coming to Tasmania on holiday, who fall in love with the place just as I did 13 years ago. There are some who I’ve formed a friendship with because they end up moving here too! It’s lovely to watch them making their own history on this beautiful island.

7. Why do you think Holm Oak is such an important part of the Tasmania wine making scene? What does it mean to the people you meet?

Holm Oak holds tight to the Tasmanian feel of family, farming, love, passion and bloody hard work. Bec and Tim are both generous with their time and knowledge and create products with high quality and appeal. Nothing is too hard for them and their generosity is evident to everyone who encounters their business and elegant wines.

8. What’s the best thing about your job and working at Holm Oak?

Now that’s a hard one…… I love the fact that I can keep learning every day. There isn’t a day I come to work without leaving with more information to share with our customers at cellar door. There are always more stories, more adventures, more wine and more enjoyment.

9. What do you love doing when you’re not at work?

Drinking wine should be first but I do love swimming, riding my bike around Tassie’s hills, coffee, seeing friends at other vineyards and just living the Tassie life the way it should be…. breathing in the loveliness.

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