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Bec Duffy
11 July 2013 | Bec Duffy

Vintage 2013

This vintage report is probably a little bit late, but I've only just managed to get the winery sorted out after our biggest ever vintage. This year we processed just over 150 tonnes through our winery, up about 30 tonnes on our previous record which was in 2008. This was not only due to a higher than average yielding vintage, but we have bought some select parcels of fruit for our Pinot Gris, ilex Pinot and Cabernet Merlot as we are having trouble keeping up with demand for these wines.  

2013 was by far the dryest year we have seen in the 7 years we have been here  and it was also quite warm which has resulted in outstanding red wines with amazing tannin structure as sunlight and heat are required for tannin development. The dry conditions aslo meant we could control the water that the vines received and the older red vines requried very little, whereas the whites were watered more regularly ro produce full berries with great flavour and aromatics. However, as always in Tasmania, we can never have the "perfect" vintage and we did get about 70mm of rain about two weeks prior to picking. Coupled with the warm weather it provided some great condidtions for botrytis (a mould that grows on the outside of the grapes), but we managed to keep this under control and produced some outstanding wines. 

This year, we were alos lucky enough to be able to purchase some Shiraz and Viognier grapes from our neighbours. There is very little Shiraz grown in Tasmania, so it has been fun to have a bit of a play with this variety. We added about 5% viognier to the Shiraz whcih helps with colour stability (due to the tannins in the viognier skins) and gives great aromatics. The remaining viognier we fermented and left on skins for about 80 days, which has given us an amazingly spicy, aromatic and tannic white wine. We have very small quantities of both of these, so will be offering both to our wine club members first prior to release (if there is any left).

At the time of writing we have currently bottled out 2013 Riesling TGR, Sauvignon Blanc, and our Pinot Gris. All wines are looking great and I'm looking forward to getting the Pinot barrels out over the weekend and tasting how they are progressing. As you can see from the pictures above the boys also had a great vintage and have been learning from their mother how to make wine.


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